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Football has long provided fans with numerous exciting games each and every year, but none can compare to the thrill of BCS bowl games. Despite their monopoly on the college football world by helping the rich get richer each year while largely ignoring the non-BCS conferences, the 5 BCS bowl games provide the most-hyped match-ups of the college football season as the top teams from the top conferences face off. The four main BCS bowls, the Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl alternate sites for the BCS National Championship game which is held at one of these four bowl game sites. The BCS Championship bowl then is the deciding game for the National Championship pitting the #1 team in the nation against the #2 team in college football. Fans flock to these bowl games for the experience of the big cities and media attention as their teams look to become the BCS National Champions. Check out the 2009-2010 college bowl schedule for more about this season's BCS bowl games and don't miss our weekly 2009-2010 bowl projections.

Check out the BCS Alternatives over at! They have released the Variable BCS System & a Proposed College Football Playoff to simplify & improve the the current BCS Bowl system.

BCS Bowl Games: BCS Championship Bowl | Fiesta Bowl | Orange Bowl | Rose Bowl | Sugar Bowl


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